FIXRS, a non-traditional digital agency.

Long story short, we are a team of senior developers.

We are here for the long haul.

We are there at the beginning of your idea, to help you shape it and bring color to it.

With that new shape and color, we make an MVP out of it.

With the MVP out, you can validate your ideas, your execution and start bringing revenue. Together, we iterate the MVP until you have a real product on the market.

Mobile application development

Got an itch to scratch within your business? You are rarely alone. Most mobile application starts by fixing a very specific problem within a very specific business (yours, most likely). Most of the time, you are not alone with those itches and that’s when your solution can scale to thousands of customers.

Desktop application

Transforming your website or your mobile application to a standard desktop application is now easier than ever with the latest technologies. It’s an easy income for a low investment, if your website and mobile application is already on point.

Website development

Hard to pass by in our day and age. Everyone expects your business to have a website to provide at least your contact information and the services provided, but you can do so much more. Like providing invoicing and payment through the websites, meeting notes archiving, lead generation; there is a lot additional services you can provide from your website, depending on your type of clients.

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